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Grease Monkey - Lynnwood #475

15006 Hwy. 99,  Lynnwood,  WA 98087
(425) 745-9188


Here are what some of our customers have said about our service.

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Nathan D
Lynnwood, WA
" Oil change and more...they check out your car in some detail and give you a quick run down of what might be wrong. They vacuum your car, check your tire pressure, and wash your windows. Great service and it is a great place to change your oil especially if you care about your whole car. I would not get my oil changed elsewhere. "

" Lynnwood grease monkey has the best most attentive staff, they really give it their all on every car that enters their bays... they will take your needs seriously... love ya, have the best day you can! "

Lynzee T
Lynnwood, WA
" I pulled in today for an oil change and by the time I got my car in park there was someone at my door to open it for me. I was greeted with, "Hi, Lynzee. Same service as last time?" I guess that someone had searched my license plate to find my name. It's not much, but as a customer I felt valued. I've only ever been to Grease Monkey once before, so imagine my surprise to have such a welcome on my second visit. Secondly I was absolutely impressed at the speed I got my car done. Literally 4 minutes for an oil change, tire check, inside vacuum, and fluid top off. I realize I was the only one there, but still. Great service! I'll definitely keep going back! "

Patti C
Lynnwood, WA
" Quick. Very friendly and knowledgeable​ guys. The customer sitting next to me said there were a couple things wrong with his car and he wanted to see if they would find them and if they would try and make up more charges, but when they came back to him with his paperwork, they actually found all the problems and didn't try and make up any additional charges! I was so impressed! I'll definitely be a repeat customer! "

Larry L
Lynnwood, WA
" Stopped in here for a full service oil change and was very happy as usual. "

Joe A
Lynnwood, WA
" Goooood place to have your oil changed. "

Phong H
Lynnwood, WA
" Quick, appreciated no hard upsale. "

Richard B
Lynnwood, WA
" They let me use an online coupon and were friendly. "

Holly T
Lynnwood, WA
" This is where we take all of our vehicles to be serviced! They always do a great job, and in a timely manner. The woman in charge is always friendly and helpful whenever there is an issue. Would definitely recommend! "

Aurora P.
Seattle, WA
" These guys were so quick, efficient and friendly! They were able to fix my headlight with a tap of the fingers, but I will definitely return to them for any future car needs. "

Jessica S
Lynnwood, WA
" Jessica rated us with 5 out of 5 stars on Google+ Places. "

Semesacama T
Lynnwood, WA
" My first time, was just excellent...with the helpfull staff and coupons just splendid service...definately returning and recommening to friends. "

Robert S
Lynnwood, WA
" Excellent service, quick and easy!! "

Alec S
Lynnwood, WA
" These guys are great, they really make sure you're aware of what they are inspecting and give great recommendations on how to keep track of you're required maintenance. Also honor coupons and then some. Over all great customer experience. "

Kelly M
Lynnwood, WA
" fast nice professional and a free candy cane! "

Chandel B
Lynnwood, WA
" Always quick and efficient. The staff explains necessary tune-ups and are honest about what fixes can wait. They even vacuum the cab out when done! Great service. "

Cole H
Lynnwood, WA
" I have been coming here for years and have had nothing but excellent service from Nadya and her crew. They're always very quick and friendly. Have free coffee and a warm place to watch tv while they freeze in the cold working on our cars. Half way through the service a nice young guy comes in to talk to you about service our car may need he is always very polite and never tries to push the extra service which makes me feel very safe I'm not getting screwed on things I do or don't need! Thank you all who service my car I wouldn't or will not go anywhere else! "

J Johnson
Lynnwood, WA
" 3rd place I went to in one day, all of the others had a 45-60 minute wait. I was able to pull right up here and be serviced immediately. Great customer service and free cookies! "

K R. 
" I feel bad it has taken me so long to write a review for this business.  Nadya and her team deserve praise.  I've been coming here with all of my vehicles for several years.  They always remember me and treat me well.  The service is quick and they have free pop and a TV in the waiting area.  It is their friendliness which sets them apart from other quick-lube places, and the same workers have been there for a long time "

Dana L
" The oil change was done was fast with friendly service.  They showed me a dirty air filter and a tire stem needed repair. I feel safe with the Lynnwood location

Kristian J
" Good fast and friendly service

Jim P.
Lynnwood, WA
" Grab the coupon from your Safeway receipt!
I have been having Nadya change my company truck's and wife's Toyota oil at this location for 3 years and have always been treated well by both her and the professional staff. The employees are trained to sell services to increase your spending and I have learned ..........just say no! They always accept it graciously.
I did have them change my cabin filter after having them present half my wife's cat hair trapped in the clogged 7 year old filter that had never been serviced, I could not believe that filter came out of her car! Too embarrassed to have them re-install it as it was just plain nasty!  This is a reliable place offering good friendly, trustworthy  service. I am not afraid to let my wife come here alone except for previous instruction from me to just say NO to the sales jobs. "

Heidi L. (Yelp User)
" By far the best customer service I have ever seen. The minute we pulled up they greeted us. They were kind, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. Not only did they make sure we were comfortable but they offered us water and yes parents, they have a changing table... with diapers! I've never experienced that before getting my oil changed. Highly recommended!! "

Ken P.
Lynnwood, WA
" I usually take my car to the original Honda dealer for oil change and maintenance, but this time I'm trying out independent businesses. I can't say I regretted it.

They're friendly and really fast. Oil change took only 10 minutes. They guy gave me additional recommendations but didn't force me to getting them. It's a little more expensive than the dealership but I got what I came for plus a coupon for free tire rotation and inspection at Les Schwab.

Not bad, Grease Monkey. "

Michelle Z
Everett, WA
" The only place I will take my vehicle! They are very thorough and we love Nadya!  She's always on top of her game. "

Chris O
Bellingham, WA
" Very friendly & professional.  No aggressive sales pitches.  Car is vacuumed & runs nice! "

Chris P.
Arlington, WA
" This is my new go to oil change place. First of all they were really friendly and professional. They asked me what oil change I wanted instead of making me feel bad for not getting the high mileage full synthetic angel dust unicorn horn engine force field change for $2,000. Also, they had cookies. My favorite part though was the honesty. There was an older man who had pulled up right behind me wanting a full oil change & automatic transmission service.  After about a minute on their computer they realized this man had just been in and got all that stuff done already 2 months prior and came into the waiting room and, get this.... Told him he didn't need any of it, everything looked great. If that isn't some unheard of oil change place honesty I don't know what is. "

Jake M
Lynnwood, WA
" By far the best oil change service I've ever seen(and I used to manage a jiffy lube!) Lol. Not only were they very thorough, but even drew a dog on a balloon for my son. I will def be returning to this location and recommend them to friends. "

Ariel C.
Bakersfield, CA
" Amazing service! I just moved to Washington from California & had heard you don't go to just any place for an oil change. I was hesitant to take my car to Jiffy Lube & anything like it, but had heard Grease Monkey on the 99 was the place to go. Couldn't have been more true. I was in and out in 15 minutes & was given sound advice & opinion about future service of my car. New loyal customer! "

Kendal F.
Lynnwood, WA
" They were extremely fast and professional.

I appreciated how friendly they were to me and my dog. They even gave my dog a treat! We are now loyal customers! "


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